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Our Story

With love and passion, 3 generations now, at the foothills of Pangeo, near the village of Mousthenis, our family is engaged in raising sheep and goats. The production of quality milk as well as the proper management of the animals was our heritage. Part of this heritage was also the secrets of cheese, which make us stand out. All this, together with innovative ideas and continuous improvement, made us who we are today.

A family business, with an excellent genetically improved herd, and unique, delicious, cheese products!

Get to know us

With great pleasure we are waiting for you at our store, in the center of Kavala, at 1 Doirani Street and our second store in the center of Eleutheroupoli at Frixou Papaxristidi 134. In the store of Mousthenis Farm you will find the whole renewed variety of our products, so you can choose the ones that suit your palate and your daily eating habits!
In our store you will also find a wide range of fine products handmade from us. Products that go perfectly with our cheese and dairy products.

You can create your own special composition, for a unique gift that will impress!
Our products are also available at the place of production, namely our Farm. You can visit us and see the production and breeding areas and choose the products of your choice.

If you are in other areas of Greece, we send your orders by courier. Find our products online
We take care of their correct shipment!
We pack them in styrofoam with ice packs. So there is no problem of deterioration of their quality.
We accept orders mainly from our e-shop, but you can, if you prefer, send us a message on our Facebook and Instagram pages or contact us by phone!

Cheese factory

Our daily milked goat's milk is transported to the dairy, where it is made into different goat's cheese products.
The Cheesemaker of our Farm, Apostolos Adialialis , is there daily to control the production and the proper ripening of the cheeses.
Every product passes through his hands and his control!
This ensures for you the best possible quality for the goat products of the Farm!


Our animals originate from the French Alps, hence their name, Alpine, more specifically from the Mesopyrene Mountains.
Races genetically improved with very high milk yields. They give birth to 1 to 2 kids per year.
They are fully adapted to the climatic conditions of our country and have a life expectancy of up to 10 years.
They are fed with a mixture of fruits of organic origin, of controlled quality, in a specific quantity depending on their phase throughout the year. The combination of all the above is the first step to create a perfect result.


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